It`s not the company,
it`s the people.“

In order to issue a loan, you are required to take a few simple steps:


Sign Up

Fill out the required fields to gain access to your personal account.


Top up your account.

Select a convenient way to top up your account and then transfer the funds to your personal account.


Loan granting

In the "Issue loan" menu, you can create a lending application under your own terms. We'll find a suitable borrower for your application. You also have access to the Loan Exchange, where you can choose a borrower and give him a loan.


closing a loan

At the maturity date, the borrower is obliged to repay the principal and interest.

Scheme of interaction between members LEGION Community

Personal loans
for a period of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 days


amount from 30$ to 100$

from 0.5% to 5% per day

return of principal + interest


LegionTrust Score

Profit sharing

Lender’s profits
partner pay outs
insurance fund
community development
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How it works

In your Personal account, go to the "Issue loan" section, you will be given a simple application form to fill out. Indicate the terms for the loan you want to issue.

what if the borrower defaults?

If the Borrower defaults, the Lender is paid back the principal and expected interest from the Guarantee Fund. He transfers the relevant IOU and all rights on the loan to us. Our lawyers and security department will, in turn, commence the procedure of recovering the funds from the Borrower via all legal means available.

How do I choose a borrower?

We have a universal mechanism for selecting creditworthy and reliable borrowers. We’ve set out the requirements and displayed them in the Legion Trust Verification program.
We've simplified the loan granting procedure as much as possible and reduced your involvement to a possible minimum. You create a lending application based on your own given terms. We then match your application with suitable reliable borrowers. Loans issued in this way are secured with the Guarantee Fund, which is formed from the profits earned by the Community. So if a borrower defaults on a loan, you the lender risk nothing and will get back your principal and expected interest. All the lending and borrowing applications created by you can be viewed at the Loan Exchange. You can also choose a borrower from the list offered.
It is important to note that the Guarantee Fund secures only loans issued to borrowers, who have been verified, granted a high trust level and star ( )

Receive loans without passing through Personalisation process!
Should there be unforeseen circumstances, where the Lender urgently needs money and has already loaned out all his funds, he may be able to secure the loan he wants. If the lender has some money loaned out at that moment, his LEGION TRUST level increases by that loan amount. When the borrower repays the money, his LEGION TRUST level is accordingly reduced by this amount.

They achieved their dreams all thanks to you!

Lenders at Legion issue loans to real people who need quick access to funds to solve their pressing issues, such as housing repairs, purchase of household appliances, medical treatment and travel. They also grant loans to business entities for product development. In return, you get a real business, a grateful team, solid profit and confidence in the future.

International community LEGION – best alternative to banking institutions!

Generation Rich Community

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