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«ability to earn millions from a dynamically growing market»

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It's no secret how the global bank lending system works. Money circulation between people and businesses has long been monopolized. Some families have been enriching themselves for decades at the expense of ordinary citizens. Banks take money from the population under very small interest rates, and then loan out the money to the final consumer under exorbitant rates. Monopolists have firmly taken over the mutual funding market, opening bank branches here and there to make the simple man not know any other way to preserve and multiply his/her savings and cash assets.
Development of the Internet and technology has now enabled you to create an alternative P2P lending system, where money is transferred directly from the borrower to the lender. Establishing such an organization doesn’t require openning expensive bank branches and hiring skilled staff. Cash exchange between natural persons and legal entities can now be done on the Internet.
Richard Hart, the founder, inspirer and leader of Legion, was once the director of a credit institution in the United States. Today, this his brainchild has become a financial community, which consolidates all the possible credit functions under terms that are more favorable than in banks. In transferring money between one another, the Community members receive significant profits and lend money on more favorable terms and under small interest rates.
The activities of the Community are strictly based on the principles of openness, transparency and accessibility for everyone. By joining Legion, lenders gain access to endless opportunities for stable growth and profit, while borrowers enjoy favorable terms for financing their needs, such as purchase of necessary goods, leisure or business development.

Generation Rich Community

Legion - team spirit, family,
support and financial

Legion - open for yourself a world without borders

By a Legion member, lenders gain access to endless opportunities for stable growth and profit, while borrowers receive favorable terms for financing their needs, such as purchase of necessary goods, leisure or business development.

More than profitable!

Loans issued in the Community will be suitable for people who want to quickly solve their financial problems without having to provide any guarantor. Some of these financial problems could be buying furniture, paying for education, medical treatment or leisure. Lenders and investors will be able to lend out money and in turn earn more than if they had deposited their money with a bank or in other financial instruments. We offer higher yield because we don't deal with intermediaries (banks).

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Friendly family

Legion is not just a financial institution, it is a big happy family, where everyone achieves his goals and gets what he needs. The spirit of leadership, support and understanding is the basis for building a business. Every day, we see how people help each other, lending a friendly shoulder to the needy. Cordial relationships within our Community is prized by us above every other thing.


Our partners are totally protected against all financial risks. We play the roles of a regulator and a Guarantor in cases where the borrower defaults. To ensure maximum protection of partners and transparency in the loan granting process, our specialists have developed a borrower personalization program. Investors are compensated from the company’s Guarantee Fund for any delay or default by borrowers.


We offer a business-building program for people with an active lifestyle. For recruiting your friends into our company, you earn income from profits made by them. Your team gives loans, while we pay you bonuses for loans repaid by a borrower. You can easily and quickly build a career at Legion. We'll give you all the tools you need for business presentations. Partners who achieve a positive growth dynamics will be nominated for the position of a Regional Representative. As a Regional Representative, you'll be given new opportunities, such as opening an office for you, bonuses and large-scale advertising campaign focused on your team.

Legion - give yourself freedom

ABOUT Founder

we unite people

We are building a just and happy society!

Integrity and honesty are the noble qualities I value most in a person. My life has always been surrounded by only strong, persistent and honest people. Our aim of establishing Legion was to unite people around the world and show others how to make money by building a business with ease. We exchange our time and resources for boundless gratitude from people who at this very moment urgently need money to solve their important problems. We also help people abandoned and forgotten by their governments and banking institutions, who have imposed their bureaucratic wealth distribution mechanism on the society, where people rely only on their own strength.

In the 20th century, the world experienced a serious boom in economic development largely thanks to access to borrowed funds. But today, this efficient tool is being used entirely for other purposes. Financial institutions lend to individuals and legal entities under large interest rates, while the profits circulate within a few hands, earning hundreds of billions of US dollars a year. We are determined to destroy the existing lending system. And that is why we've created a Community where there is fair exchange of funds under favorable terms for all members.

Our mission is to unite!

The problem of the society in today's world is that people are isolated from their surrounding. We’ve stopped noticing beautiful things, love, nature and friendship around us. Our mission is to bring people together to achieve their common goals: financial, spiritual and social. My team and I are ready to join hands with you and build yours and our future, where we can be rich, happy and independent. A future in which our children will be proud of their parents’ determination and persistence.

People have always achieved success by combining their efforts towards reaching common goals. The greatest army in history organized structural units – legions – to achieve high efficiency. Our ancestors created communities, people united in villages, cities, states and empires. The modern world is full of opportunities to realize your potential. We must apply the experience of our ancestors, we can create our empire of financial independence, our victorious legion!

We, the members of Legion, are resolutely matching forward. We’ve decided to bear the proud rank of the fighting units of the Roman army. We have teamed up and intend to live in dignity. We’ll show others how to succeed!

Generation Rich Community

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